SurgiScan UltraX

The SurgiScan UltraX features the latest technology with an embedded USB 3.0 camera. Equipped with an extra module you can now read 1D, 2D and QR with one scanner.

Comes with five protective caps and 5 year warranty as standard!

Surgican Ultra 2D datamatrix barcode reader for surgical instrument tracking

Extra Performance

Increased performance when reading dot peen codes and low contrast codes on dark surfaces.

Extra Barcode Types

Now reads all barcode types on anything - not just DataMatix codes on surgical instruments!

Extra Reliable

Offers easier installation and improved image transfer reliability on slower PCs.

The New USB 3.0 Ultra

The SurgiScan UltraX features the latest technology with an embedded USB 3.0 camera. This allows extremely fast reading of the most difficult codes, even poor contrast marks on instruments that have become discoloured by many sterilizing cycles and often considered “unreadable”.

SurgiScan Ultra 2D datamatrix reader surrounded by four pairs of surgical instruments lasermarked with 2D datamatrix codes

Reads 1D, 2D & QR Codes

The UltraX reads all barcode types on anything - not just DataMarix codes on surgical instruments! You no longer need a seperate hand-held reader at your workstation to read packing labels etc - The UltraX reads all major 1D linear and 2D barcode symbologies. Simply hold any 1D or 2D barcode anywhere above the reading and the Ultra will read it.

Hand holding an aneurysm clip with a very small 2D datamatrix code lasermarked on it.

Available in Different Colours

The UltraX comes in original silver by default but is also available in an attractive range of red, green and blue colours enabling you to cusomize and enhance your workflow as you please.

Aerial shot footprint comparison of the SurgiScan and SurgiScan Ultra 2D datamatrix code readers.

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Equipped with a high performance USB 3.0 camera, the SurgiScan UltraX offers rapid reading performance with speeds of up to 600 reads/second.

Reads 1D, 2D & QR Codes

Codes may be read from up to 30cm distance. No additional USB connections and all enclosed within the same waterproof case.


Detects and reads codes as small as 0.5mm x 0.5mm in milliseconds. The increased speed paired with the ergonomic improvements means operation is similar to that of a supermarket checkout.


Compatible with all tracking systems currently on the market.


It’s compact dimensions mean it can be placed stably on any workspace without taking up much room.

Waterproof & Dust Tight

The IP65 rated casing makes it easy to disinfect and allows for use in wet areas directly next to sinks.

Contoured Profile

Intuitively designed with a slim neck to help with placement of awkwardly shaped instruments.

Scratch Resistant

The window is made from sapphire crystal making it scratch resistant.


The reader will beep and the LED will flash to indicate a code has been read successfully.

Large Reading Window

706mm² reading window area makes operating easier.

Advanced Lighting System

24 RGB LEDs sit below a diffuser to allow consistent and safe lighting that can be customised to any colour.

Accurate & Reliable

Optimised to read the trickiest of codes on all surfaces where other devices fail - bright, reflective, curved, matte etc.

Robust Design

The case is machined out of a single block of aluminium. This makes it strong, robust and resistant to chemicals.


Codes are positively placed on top of the reading window, eliminating the need for aiming and making the scanner extremely easy to use.

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Short Specification

640g (including cable)
Reading Window Diameter
PC Requirements
Windows 7, 10 or 11, 1 available USB port
Water Resistant
5 Years

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