SurgiScan Ultra FleX

Introducing the SurgiScan Ultra FleX - the ultimate handheld scanner combining exceptional performance with adaptability. Whether in hand or on the desk, it promises to enhance your scanning capabilities, ensuring precision and flexibility are always at your fingertips.



Surgican Ultra Flex Portable 2D DataMatrix barcode reader for surgical instrument tracking.
Unmatched Scanning Versatility

Reads all code types and operates both on the desktop and in hand for ultimate scanning flexibility.

High Speed Precision

Exceptionally reads tiny, complex, and low-contrast codes with speed and precision.

Durable & Adaptable

Combines robust, waterproof construction with a flexible, user-friendly design for diverse settings.

Grasp the Future of Scanning.

The SurgiScan Ultra FleX is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, offering ease in maneuverability and use. This makes it especially suitable for fast-paced environments where precision and speed are key. The ergonomic design, coupled with a 3-meter cable, provides flexibility and mobility, allowing users to easily scan instruments at their workstation or move around as needed.

Ultra Precision, Ultra Speed.

At the heart of the Ultra FleX is its advanced scanning technology, capable of reading codes as small as 0.4mm x 0.4mm. This includes challenging codes on shiny, curved, or small surgical instruments and implants. Its capability to process up to 200 reads per second ensures that even in high-volume settings, every code is captured quickly and accurately.

Hand holding an aneurysm clip with a very small 2D datamatrix code lasermarked on it.

Tailored for Healthcare.

Designed for the demanding environments of CSSD and hospital settings, the Ultra FleX boasts a robust, IP65-rated waterproof aluminum case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. This durable construction ensures the scanner withstands regular cleaning and use in wet areas. The Ultra FleX's adaptability extends to its compatibility with all known tracking systems and easy installation process.

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Dual Operation Mode

The Ultra Flex is designed to adapt to both a desktop scanner or handheld scanner.

2D DataMatrix Code Reading

Compatible with all 2D ECC200 DataMatrix codes including GS1.

1D & QR Code Reading

As well as 2D codes the Ultra FleX is capable of reading all 1D codes as well as QR codes.

Identification Band

Comes with a color-customisable identification band for process coding.

Advanced Lighting System

24 RGB LEDs sit below a diffuser to allow consistent and safe lighting that can be customised to any colour.


Equipped with a USB 2.0 camera the Ultra Lite is capable of 200 reads per second.

Extended Reach

With a reading distance range between 0 and 35cm, the Ultra FleX makes scanning even more efficient.

Live Video Window

This feature offers further precision with real time video feedback of each code being scanned.

Advanced Code Manipulation

Users can manipulate codes according to their requirements. Recognise, ignore, extend or change codes. Makes it easy to fit with tracking systems and existing marks.

Code Quality Indicator

Software provides feedback on the scanning quality of each code.


Detects and reads codes as small as 0.4mm x 0.4mm. The speed paired with the ergonomic design means operation is similar to that of a supermarket checkout.


Compatible with all tracking systems currently on the market.

Waterproof & Dust Tight

The IP65 rated casing makes it easy to disinfect and allows for use in wet areas directly next to sinks.

Sleek Design

Intuitively designed with a slim neck to help with placement of awkwardly shaped instruments.

Scratch Resistant

The window is made from sapphire crystal making it scratch resistant.

Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal as standard eliminates all image glare.


The reader will beep and the LEDs will flash to indicate a code has been read successfully.

Large Reading Window

706mm² reading window area makes operating easier.

Accurate & Reliable

Optimised to read the trickiest of codes on all surfaces where other devices fail - bright, reflective, curved, matte etc.

Robust Design

The case is machined out of aluminium. This makes it strong, robust and resistant to chemicals.

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Short Specification.

540g (including cable)
Reading Window Diameter
PC Requirements
Windows 10 or 11, 1 available USB 2 port
Water Resistant
2 Years (option to extend to 5)