About Us

Our goal is to provide the medical industry with reliable and user-friendly Data Matrix barcode readers that deliver fast and accurate results.

Our Story.

Our family-owned company, Steribar Systems Ltd., was founded in 2003 by combining our extensive background knowledge from the health service with our experience in industrial tracking and traceability. Our aim was to create a scanner to read “difficult to read” 2D Data Matrix codes on surgical instruments. We achieved our aim, and in subsequent years honed our software and technical expertise to produce world-leading solutions.

In the early years, our expertise rapidly expanded beyond surgical instruments. We applied our technology to a diverse range of applications, including scanning codes on components for Formula 1. Most notably, we developed superfast scanners capable of reading multiple small codes on vial racks in laboratories and biobanks. As a result, we have established ourselves as a global leader in this field and continue to innovate and improve our solutions.

In 2014, we launched our innovative surgical instrument reader, the SurgiScan. So confident of it’s outstanding performance and impact in the field we launched our new company 2DSurgical Ltd. to further deepen our focus in this area of business. We strongly believe in working collaboratively with our customers and suppliers to foster lasting business connections and achieve the highest possible standards.

Certificates & Partners.

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ISO 9001

ISO 9001 defines an international standard of specific requirements for quality management.

As a certified manufacturer, our products meet the criteria of a Quality Management System based on the principles of ISO 9001. Meeting these ISO standard requirements allows us to produce high quality products that identify and meet customers needs thus improving customer satisfaction.

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GS1 UK Partner

GS1 develops a system of standards for identifying, capturing, and sharing information.

The GS1 system of standards is a suite of principles allowing for the identification, capturing and sharing of information through use of consistent data. GS1 standards, including the Global Trade Number (GTIN) which can be encoded into GS1 barcodes, help industries make consistent decisions about how to manage the unique identification of products and are used by leading healthcare manufacturers worldwide.

As a “GS1 UK Partner”, 2DSurgical provides 2D surgical instrument readers according to guidelines set out by the GS1 standards and requirements. Our products also have the capability of scanning and extracting GS1-compliant data from GS1 DataMatrix barcodes.