World-Class, Fast, & Reliable Surgical Instrument Readers

With the SurgiScan range, reading codes on surgical instruments has never been so easy.

Welcome to 2DSurgical.

Our team has been designing and manufacturing high performance 2D DataMatrix readers since 2003. Our goal is to advance instrument-tracking through sterile processing departments and operating theatres worldwide, by providing technicians with a premium range of 2D DataMatrix readers that are high performance and easy-to-use whilst also remaining economically priced.

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Featured Products.

SurgiScanX 2D DataMatrix and 1D barcode reader
SurgiScan UltraX

Our latest Ultra technology with an embedded USB 3.0 camera. Equipped with an extra module you can now read 1D, 2D and QR codes with one scanner.

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SurgiScan Ultra 2D datamatrix code reader
SurgiScan Ultra

The ULTRA is our reliable 2D barcode reader used in CSSD departments worldwide. Reading 2D codes is quick and simple with the SurgiScan Ultra.

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SurgiScan Ultra Compute Module add-on
Compute Module

Connect your SurgiScan Ultra up via a Compute Module for a plug and play experience. No software installation required - it couldn't get any easier.

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News & Events.

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OCT 2023
24th World Sterilisation Congress WFHSS 2023

Bruxelles, Belgium

Wednesday 18th - Saturday 21st October, 2023

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NOV 2022
IDSc Annual Conference 2022

Birmingham, UK

Tuesday 29th - Wednesday 30th November, 2022

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NOV 2022
23rd World Sterilisation Congress WFHSS 2022

Barcelona, Spain

Wednesday 16th - Saturday 19th November, 2022

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