SurgiScan Ultra

Our latest reader is faster and even easier to use.

We have listened to feedback from CSSD departments all over the world, who are already using our popular SurgiScan reader. This has allowed us to create the SurgiScan Ultra.

  • FASTER - A new high-speed camera is used to decrease code acquirement time. The software now decodes multiple codes simultaneously. This makes the reader capable of over 500 reads per second.
  • READS SMALLER CODES - A higher camera resolution means the Ultra can read tiny codes, down to 0.2mm².
  • LARGER WINDOW - The larger saphire crystal glass window makes using the reader a lot easier for the operator.
  • IMPROVED SHAPE - The smaller scanner takes up less room on the desk and the elongated neck allows for awkwardly shaped instruments to be easily read.



Is it compatible with my tracking system?

Our software is designed to work with any system. It has many configurable export options, making it easy to connect to any tracking system, e.g. T-DOC, Instacount.

What kind of barcodes does it read?

The SurgiScan Ultra will read any ECC200 2D Data Matrix code. Codes can be laser marked, micro-percussion, a printed label or any other marking method.

Who is responsible for making the reader?

We manufacture the readers and create all the software in the United Kingdom. This allows us to work closely with customers to give them exactly what they need.

How does it work?

The software runs on a desktop PC and connects to the reader via USB 2.0. There is an embedded version coming soon.

How do I get one?

If you are an end user of the reader, contact your system provider and ask for the SurgiScan Ultra. If you are a system provider or a distributor contact us for more information.

Will the original SurgiScan continue to be supported?

Yes. Support for the original SurgiScan will be continued until 2025.


SurgiScan 2D DataMatrix Readers used with an instrument traceability system in the CSSD at GZA Hospital, Antwerp.

GZA Antwerp, Belgium

The SurgiScan readers have allowed us to trace at the instrument level. - Cis Theeuwes, Head of SPD

SurgiScan 2D DataMatrix Scanner used to enable instrument level tracking at Jessa Hospital, Belgium.

Jessa Hospital, Belgium

By using the SurgiScan readers with our tracking system we have increased our efficiency by 20% while also tracking at the instrument level. - Frank Weekers, Medical Director

About Us

Our family company, Steribar Systems Ltd was established in 2003 combining our background knowledge from the health service with experience in industrial tracking and traceability. Our aim was to create a scanner to read “difficult to read” 2D Data matrix codes on surgical instruments. We achieved our aim and in subsequent years honed our software and technical expertise to produce world leading solutions.

In the early years we quickly diversified to apply our technology to applications in other areas, even reading codes on components for Formula 1. Most notably, we developed superfast scanners to read very small, multiple codes on racks of vials in laboratories and biobanks. We continue to be the global leader in this field.

In 2014 we produced our new instrument reader; SurgiScan. So confident of it’s outstanding performance and impact we launched our new company 2DSurgical Ltd. to focus on this area of business. We believe it is important to work closely with our customers and our suppliers. Developing good business relationships enables us to achieve the highest of standards.

Continuous improvement of our products through constant research and development is strongly embedded in our culture. It’s simply what we do.

Richard Byng, Technical Director at 2D Surgical and Steribar Systems.

Richard Byng

Technical Director

Mike Clynes, Managing Director at 2D Surgical and Steribar Systems.

Mike Clynes

Managing Director

Liz Clynes, Finance and Marketing Director at 2D Surgical and Steribar Systems.

Liz Clynes

Finance & Marketing Director

Chris Ricketts, Product Development at 2D Surgical and Steribar Systems.

Chris Ricketts

Product Development

Josh Crawford, Product Development at 2D Surgical and Steribar Systems.

Josh Crawford

Product Development

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the SurgiScan range.

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